Hiring a virtual assistant has many benefits. Perhaps the most important benefit is that they can save you time. As an entrepreneur, time is our most valuable resource. We only have a limited number, so why not spend money on things that benefit your life and try to outsource the rest of the work?

Books like The 4-Hour Work Week and Virtual Freedom have popularized the concept of hiring virtual assistants. As a result, hundreds of companies have emerged to meet the demand and develop their own niche markets in this area. As an entrepreneur, you probably have used almost different methods to find the right combination of help.

Finding the right virtual assistant to help you out with some of your tasks can be daunting. These 11 websites can provide you with a good starting point for finding a virtual assistant for your business.


Magic Personal Assistant charges by the minute and does not require a monthly subscription, making it ideal for people who need quick help day or night. Surprisingly, you can do just about anything by texting your assistant, like recording appointments, finding information, and even ordering and shipping things to your home, and providing a 24/7 personal concierge service. 

Time, Etc.

Time Etc’s apartment setting is its focus on the experience. All of her assistants have at least five years of experience and have worked for companies like Apple, AOL, and Virgin. They provide the flexibility of purchasing a monthly plan, and you can choose from ten, twenty, forty, or sixty hours of assistance. If, in the end, you don’t, the unused time will continue until next month. If you know you need ongoing support for projects or business creation and occasional help solving problems, Time Etc is the right choice. Understand more.


Handy specializes in a variety of home renovation services, including cleaning, furniture assembly, TV installation, relocation assistance, etc. You can be sure that all booking and payment tasks directly through the Handy platform are performed by experienced and proven professionals who are highly appreciated by customers. With their platform, you can get free quotes from the best local home renovation experts for large-scale home projects, and you can even purchase some household items that include free shipping and expert installation services.

 Virtual Staff Finder

 It is worth including Chris Ducker’s company on the roll. It was his book, Virtual Freedom, that actually helped entrepreneurs figure out the best way to use virtual assistants. The company will know your needs and will personally select the virtual assistant that it thinks is best for you. It is this personalized service that makes them unique. It is more suitable for those who do not want to complete tasks here and there, but for those who want more permanent and long-term solutions.


Fiverr is one of the leading sites to get small job done quickly and cheaply. It was originally called Fiverr because you guessed it, it costs $ 5 to complete. Now, depending on the level of complexity of the task and other necessary functions (faster service, more options, etc.), you will see a wider range of prices. It’s perfect for graphic design, music and audio, and even things like transcription services. understand more


Upwork bills itself as “the best site for freelancers where major companies can hire and work with the world’s most talented freelancers.” It has a large number of freelancers (more than 12 million) willing to take on almost every role you can think of. Are you looking to find a virtual assistant? You can post a job and ask people to respond with a resume or interview after reviewing people’s experiences and resumes online. They have their own billing system and the ability to keep track of their freelance work hours.


This website is one of the newest websites for finding virtual assistants. Hello Rache was founded by doctor D.O. Mark Carnett. 2017. It is a platform for busy healthcare professionals, designed to provide physicians with serious administrative assistance. All of their virtual assistants are HIPAA trained and certified. Most virtual assistants on the website are hired by professionals in both clinical and non-clinical settings.

Fancy Hands

For those who need help with simple tasks, Fancy Hands is the perfect choice because of the maximum execution time for each request on this platform. The maximum execution time is 20 minutes. They provide real-time inquiries for immediate assistance and standard inquiries. These requests are well suited for tasks that require more time or a third-party response, round-trip coordination, or investigation.


TaskRabbit can be very useful if you want quick help with all your homework. Yes, it is not completely virtual, but the fact that you can hire someone you can find online to help you is very powerful. They provide a variety of home services, including handyman, painting, landscaping, furniture assembly, and more. Each job covers up to $ 1 million in property damage. If you tend to put off housework projects due to a busy schedule, this is the perfect solution for you.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, a growing company with employees, or just a very busy person, Vasumo has a plan to suit your needs. Their assistants have been trained in various skills and have at least three years of digital marketing experience.

Vava Virtual

This site is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to get started quickly. They provide qualified assistants for accounting, social media, branding, graphic design, web design, and more. They will create a custom package for you by grouping only the services you want to use.

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