Any profession that establishes a certification system can increase legitimacy, provide clients with professional assurances, and increase these professionals’ standard fees. In this sense, virtual assistants are no different. In some parts of the world, certificates and associations can help people earn more. Currently, VA services range from $ 15 to $ 100 per hour, depending on the area of ​​expertise.

In areas where the principle of hands-off is in force, some voluntary advisory bodies question such organizations’ usefulness. However, among professionals seeking to excel in their VA business, the association has strengthened its image as a professional. Professional associations that set industry standards can benefit clients because their members meet their standards. But again, there are plenty of virtual asset jobs on the market, and clients are happy with the risks of freelance individuals or businesses. This is usually because the independent VA comes from a previous professional relationship or another specialist recommended through a social network or association. In other words, customers are already well aware of the quality of the VA’s performance. For many newbies, oral communication and previous (not current) employers are the foundation for building client relationships.

Virtual assistants can work for a company as an external contractor over the Internet. Virtual assistants can work for small business or large business owners, performing a variety of technical, administrative, and creative tasks. While work experience in a specific field can be helpful, certification can show employers that you are a professional and are serious about your career.

Local, national and international research

You will research your competitors at all levels based on your expected target market. Your competitors may include companies that flood the Internet or companies that outsource virtual assistants. If you sign up for an independent website, your competition may have hungry helpers from places like India. If you face competition from workers from other countries, be prepared to learn about their competitive strategy. Assess your natural strengths, your strengths based on your nationality, and don’t be afraid to claim that you have that strength to serve your clients. Your target market will determine which benefits and features are most important; you have to figure out how to communicate with your market and understand what they really want and need.

Assess your professional assets and liabilities

The little newcomers know is that no one does business in an area in which they have no experience. This is really practical. It requires you to understand your professional knowledge before starting a business. You must have a lot of experience or understand a unique corner of the market before opening the door. After all, when you start a business, your main assets are people and experience. The biggest liability is character flaws and any areas of a talent shortage that may exist among employees. In the beginning, you are your employee, so it is best to take an honest inventory of your personal assets and liabilities, as well as professional assets.

Start attracting customers

You cannot get a degree to become a virtual assistant; To get started, standard management training and computer skills are sufficient. The certification process differs in the different organizations that provide certificates. For example, in the International Virtual Assistant Association and VA certified companies, you need to build a client base before you can apply for certification. Both organizations require that you have worked as a virtual assistant for at least one year to become certified. Find clients by building a network of professional associations and business groups in the community, and talk to former employers and others who may benefit from your services. VA offers a variety of services.

Show your professionalism

These organizations require you to prove that you are an independent contractor. You will conduct a series of questions and interviews and will be asked to provide a copy of your tax return. They want to see your clients’ recommendations and will contact them to check your work and skills. The VA certification fee is $ 95. The International Virtual Assistant Association requires you to join the association and charges $ 137 per year.

Take Classes

Through websites like Assist U (one of the other places where official certification data is provided), you must pay to take a course on how to become a virtual assistant. By paying the company $ 69.99, you’ll take a series of courses on topics such as creating a business plan, opening an office, organizing workflow, and pricing. After completing the course, you can take the 40-question multiple-choice exam and become certified.

Get additional vouchers

In addition to basic VA credentials, you can also earn one of several organizations that provide these credentials and get certified in related areas to grow your business. If you have a qualified education, take the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Exam, and become a Certified Public Accountant. Join the Institute of Management Accountants and become a Certified Management Accountant to provide accounting services to clients. Increase your knowledge of basic office systems, technology, social media, and interpersonal communication to become certified by the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

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