Year 2020 might not be the best of a year but it taught us lessons about job, family and life. As we all know, pandemic has taken over last year as well as working remotely and the need for technology.

The evolution of technology has made it very convenient for work-from-home jobs, particularly when remote work has seen such a huge boom due to Covid-19. Thanks to new-age applications and internet resources such as Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom, many businesses conduct business seamlessly in which workers work from home, from co-working spaces in various cities, or from anywhere with a strong internet connection and an environment conducive to work.

The career environment has now taken a 360-degree turn, but has your approach for job search shifted along with it? Here are a few tips to find the right work from home job for you:

Remote working was forced on the world with the Covid-19 pandemic but it is quickly turning into the new normal. Here are a few ace tips to find the perfect work from home job for yourself.

Define your goals

People with clear, written goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine – Brian Tracy, Motivational Coach and Author

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Getting a job is not always a walk in the park or as a piece of cake. You have to earn it. You should start in assessing your purposes and goals in the first place. Goals can help you keep track of what you really want and what steps you are going to take to achieve those. It may include your expectations on the job itself and how it will help you in terms of growth and promotions. Draw a clear picture of your goals and succeed in life.

Alter your Resume

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The resume has become the number one criteria a prospective employers request in today’s job market. An employer takes valuable time in knowing you on paper before proceeding with the interview.

You can’t even begin to compete without a resume, and an inferior resume will kill you easily before you can have a fighting chance. That’s why getting a superior resume is imperative, one that efficiently lets employers know what you can do for them. 

A resume is very important when applying for a job. It should include skills and experience related to the job you are applying to. Always remember that a resume is just a factor in getting you hired, it will still be based on how you will address it to your employer. 

Maximize freelance sites

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Freelancing today has become a huge career choice. The young students also began to seek their careers in the field of freelancing, not only among adults. Freelancing industry has now begun to grow vastly because of people wanting to dive in. 

The Internet has an intact universe linked to it. The spectrum is vast for studying, communicating and working online. Companies tend to outsource the job to freelancers in order to avoid extra labor and set-up costs. It enables a person to earn as much as they want. Their earnings are dependent solely on the time they spend and the production they make. Therefore, the more efforts you put forward, the more the earnings will be. The obstacles to earning are evaded.

Good thing about freelancing is that you can work at home or anywhere you want to work. This gives the option of working at any time of the day. Freelancing can offer you flexibility and lets you do work simultaneously

Tap into a network

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Have you ever wondered how people seem to land a job easily while others have to apply hundreds of applications before getting in? It is all about networking. People who know and are good at, the value of networking are good at finding jobs. It’s like trying to sell a commodity to look for a job; the difference is that you are the item here and it’s your expertise that you have for sale. When finding a job, it is important to know the value of networking. It is also like selling a product, the only difference is that you are the product and the skills you have is on sale. 

As mentioned above, having a resume is one thing, networking is another.  Networking exposes you to employers and individuals who can recommend you to employers. It helps you to get to know successful people who can give insightful guidance and support to find a career in your field of work. Knowing the process of networking and practicing it will give you success.

Target startups

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When it comes to the hiring process, startup businesses tend to hire people quickly compared to large companies. 

Startups position their workers with tons of responsibility. They’ll recruit you because of your experience, but founders expect far more. At a start-up, you help with everything. In this case, there is a large room for growth and learning. In working with a startup business, you are communicating straight from founders, no middle management. You will learn from the best. In a startup business, you can show your brilliance at work that will help the business grow. 


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