Working from a home office poses two major challenges: separating business and home life efficiently, and the lack of engaging social contact that you would usually have with colleagues in an office. Working from home at the same time brings many advantages to one’s lifestyle, and feng shui will help you make the most of it.

A feng shui office is a successful and profitable place to function. But feng shui is not, contrary to popular opinion, a way of decorating or a Chinese type of decoration. Feng Shui, both a science and an art, is all about energy and attraction. The goal is to construct a space that activates unique feelings and emotions.

Doing Feng Shui in your workspace may include the use of furniture, come up with your own layout and its overall design that is different from any other corporate room. There are tons of ways on how to Feng Shui your workspace. It will all be depending on the person and their professional goals and how a room will be used for. 

The secret to a highly productive day, a more prosperous job, and hopefully, a happier life, may be a feng shui office. Here are some expert tips for building a home office with feng shui.

Feng Shui Office Layout

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The desk should be put where you can see who is coming and going. This is a power position and can give you success. It is a must to avoid having your back facing the door because according to Feng Shui, it means vulnerability and anxiety that may hinder success entering your life and business. By turning your back to the entrance, you never know when Chi would want to come in for good company.

If by any chance, you won’t have a choice but to turn your back on your door, you are highly encouraged to put a mirror in front of you to see who’s coming and going. 

You can also have your desk before a window (your back facing window). Looking away from the window gives you a major additional advantage: your job is illuminated by the natural light coming in over your shoulder and eliminates eye strain from a back-lit computer display.

Choose your desk wisely

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The most important puzzle piece that you must have when putting up a home-office is a desk or table. 

Whatever style you may want to have, it is essential to have a desk that is sturdy, its legs are even and does not wobble. In choosing a sturdy table, wood is a good choice. Your desk should be placed diagonally opposite the front door. 

You can choose a desk that has two storage drawers, so that the floor can remain tidy with any clutter tucked away. It is also available in white, in addition to walnut, which could be a great color for those who need to inspire creativity or work in creative fields.

Feng Shui Office Colors

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Aside from furniture being used, colors also play an important role when doing Feng Shui in your office. The colors may depend on the purpose of the room. In this case, it is for a home office. 

Based on Feng Shui, the best paint color will depend on the direction the room faces. Feng shui stresses harmony with one’s inner and outer environment and with the world at large. It is especially important to establish this balance when determining the color of one’s home office, the place in the home where wealth and wealth are of paramount importance.

White or pastels help to stimulate imagination, green represents development, black represents the element of water and is linked to wealth, while clarity is represented by purple. But, if you feel anxious, go for the tones of the earth.

Don’t forget about some plants

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Greenery across your home office can go the extra mile. Aside from adding beauty to our space, plants clean the air across the room and can improve our mental health. How about in Feng Shui? It can do so much more.

Plants are a way of getting the life of nature into our homes and inner ecosystems. We spend more and more time indoors nowadays, and having plants in our homes is a way to reconnect and ground us. For success in your work and career, use plants that have  rounded leaves on your desk or in your workplace.

Consider Lighting

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Lighting is only one way you can boost feng shui in your home office. As working in a dark office can be exhausting, a well-lit office is critical. While an abundance of natural light is desirable, additional lighting from lamps is required for all office spaces. No matter what style lamp you pick, it’s best to avoid fluorescent light bulbs because they zap your electricity.

You can use lamps, overhead lights, strings of lights, night lights and many other forms of fixtures that are powered by bulbs. It will serve as a Feng Shui Energy Boost. Make sure that yours are in good condition and that all the bulbs are working.

Put inspiring art

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Art plays an important role in Feng Shui because Feng Shui itself is an art. Your home office should include arts on the wall that will inspire you to strive hard. Feng Shui experts mentioned that hanging some inspirational arts on your wall can contribute to someone’s productivity at work. 

You should concentrate on adding powerful chi to your career in your home office space. To accomplish this, you should decorate your space with water elements, such as mirrors and water-themed wall art. It will help to improve positive chi for your career by using metal in combination with water. A big mirror with a metal frame, ideally on your home office’s northern wall, can put all the elements and zones into perfect harmony.


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