Working remotely made a major moment when COVID-19 compelled businesses around the world to digitally send their workers home to work. As we are still experiencing global pandemic as we speak, works from home are now a trandsetter. 

For several employers, the rush to give workers access to all the tools they would need to work from home was sudden. Employers soon realized that sending workers to work remotely made them more efficient and concentrated while not in the office. It is being proven that working from home really works.

In a post-pandemic world, what will the future of remote work look like? Would businesses go back to “business as normal” and force everybody to work on site, or is the pandemic the turning point that eventually convinces employers that the way to go for the long haul is flexible work? 

Global pandemic is just one reason why people are working from home, others want to create their own business, have more time for themselves and explore the world with flexible time in their pocket.

You don’t have to be an online expert or spend a lot of money on preparation to make money from home, whatever the cause. All the forms that you can find here to make money from home cost little to no money to set up. You only need:

  • Computer
  • Internet Access
  • Enthusiasm

But you need to make sure you handle the concept you want as your own company if you really want to gain a significant income: you will need to build a routine and set your own schedule. In your day, make sure you set aside time and arrange your calendar.

Roll up your sleeves if you are ready to make money without a “real” job and let’s get started!


Do you have eagle eyes for errors and are passionate about grammar, punctuation and spelling? Then this job is ideal for you!

The amount of money a proofreader will make depends on how much fast he/she works per hour. The average rate for a proofreader ranges from $25-$45 per hour. 

You can start your proofreading business wherever you are and earn more.

Freelance Writer

Do you love expressing yourself through words? Maybe becoming a writer would be a great deal for you.

There are tons of opportunities when you want to dive in with the writing industry. There are companies who are creating their blog posts, newsletter and press releases.

With all the time in your pocket, writing articles for a company will be a piece of cake. All you need to have is computer and internet access. If you are an educated writer, you should realize that an average range for the job would be $35to $75. 


A transcriptionist turns recorded speech into a written document. You need to be a quick and precise typist to become a good transcriptionist. This job is perfect for people who are looking for a work-from-home job because they can have autonomy. You will be able to focus more on what you are listening to when you’re inside your home, less distraction and more productive days. 

Typing may sound like a straightforward task, but it takes a lot of time and concentration. The quicker you are, the more you’ll be able to make money.

You may also specialize in particular fields that have a high demand and pay far more. Legal transcriptionists may gain considerably more, for instance. A beginner transcriptionist can make $25-$30 per hour.

Virtual Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is very vital to each and every business around the planet. 

You will monitor financial accounts for small business owners as a bookkeeper, including daily purchases, sales, and total cash flow. This work needs some data entry as accounts and figures need to be arranged.

The best thing about being a bookkeeper is that you can do all the work with your computer. It means that working from home as a virtual bookkeeper will be a piece of cake, you can do it wherever, whenever unless asked in advance.

The average virtual bookkeeper has an average of $69-$82 per hour.

Teach Online

As we are in the middle of global pandemic, almost everything is now solely dependent online. This is the best time to dig in with some works online that you can maximize in the comfort of your home. Teaching online is one. There are two ways on how you can teach online. It is either you create your own course or tutor for your company. 

Online teaching allows more flexibility in handling different learning styles and using different technologies. They can teach from the comfort of their own homes and do not need to be in a certain location to teach or communicate with their students at a certain time.

An average online teaching usually ranges from $20-$30 per hour.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Businesses’ production has stopped for time-being due to global pandemic. Businesses delegate tasks and responsibilities to a virtual assistant.

As the name implies, virtual assistants assist companies and employers virtually, They don’t necessarily need to be an office to make the job done. They cost less than the usual employee rate that is why employers are now considering VAs for their businesses.

This job is a really good choice for people who want to work from home since you will communicate with employers every once in a while. 

An average rate for virtual assistants here in the Philippines ranges from $6-$14 per hour.

I hope you will be motivated by some of these money-making ideas to build your own future! 


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